Congratulations to the 2015 Harmony Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

"The teacher training at Harmony Yoga is the best investment I've ever made for my life. I believe there are a lot of yoga teachers who just teach mechanically from yoga books but teachers at Harmony Yogateach from their experience and how they apply the knowledge of the yoga principles in their lives. The Harmony Yoga teachers encourage authenticity and to teach from the heart, so there are no set scripts to follow. I would recommend the teacher training to everyone who wants to deepen their practice and/or teach yoga by using their own unique personality."

Thi Grinwald

"Yoga teacher training at Harmony Yoga with Najla, Susan and Katie was a transformative experience.  I graduated feeling stronger both physically and emotionally.  With the loving support of our teachers and fellow trainees, I was led on a journey that deepened my knowledge of yoga and of myself.  The course was authentic,  thoughtful,  comprehensive, challenging and immensely rewarding."

Julie Miller

Harmony Yoga Teacher Training was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I was able to deeply grow as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Importantly, the course provided a wide educational platform that allowed me to clearly understand how yoga improves my life and thus how I can best provide that satisfaction to someone else. 

Sophie Miller

The teacher training at Harmony Yoga was a great learning experience that really helped deepen my yoga practice and inspired me to share the practice with others through the art of teaching. This well-rounded 200-hour training—led by experienced, thoughtful, and passionate teachers—is a great opportunity to gain insight into this ancient practice, experience profound personal growth, and develop the skills necessary to guide others through the practice of yoga. I highly recommend it.

Ken Ithiphol

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