Summer Solstice Yoga Mala

Summer Solstice Yoga Mala - 108 sun salutations to challenge your body and awaken your spirit. Harness the power of intentional movement by joining Tanya and Susan in a Yoga Mala. In honor of the Summer Solstice, this transformational practice will consist of 108 Sun Salutations, intention setting, and a cleansing Savasana. This is a great opportunity to kick off the summer with a physical challenge and emotional awakening!

Please don’t let the 108 sun salutations... [more]


Full Moon Crystal Bowl Sound Soak

An unusual combination of Vocals, Crystal Singing Bowls, Instruments and Song. Listen to the poignant voice of Jeralyn Glass sing favorites such as 'Over the Rainbow' 'Forever Young, and  'Nature Boy, from her newly released CD, scored with Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls. 

Let your heart be inspired by this music, by the exquisite vibrations of the Crystal Bowls and by the very essence of all things, Love.Join us for this special evening of... [more]


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