Finding Your Center

Saturday, September 21st 1:30-3:30pm

 Come explore the benefits of Pilates in relation to your Yoga practice and how you can gain strength, stability and alignment. Core engagement and Breathwork, or Pranayama, bring awareness to the Bandhas and balance.

In this workshop we will learn specific Pilates techniques that will help you excel and elevate your understanding of body mechanics. Standing poses and arm balances will be explored as well as foundational postures that lengthen and strengthen the... [more]


Awaken the Heart

Awaken from the Heart with Katie Nesbitt

Saturday, Oct. 19th

 Deepen your yoga practice, find your flow, and awaken from the heart. During this 2-hr master class, we will move through heart opening flows, explore arm balances, inversions, and safe backbends to build grounding stability and lighthearted openness to awaken the body, mind, and heart. This workshop will also include techniques to balance and connect to your inner spirit through focused intentions, chakra balancing, breathwork, and specific... [more]


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