Soul Soothing Alchemy Crystal Sound Soak

During this rare, second and only other blue Moon of 2018, the power of meditation is immensely enhanced. It is a truly magical time for visualization, manifestation and healing. Join us in celebration and be bathed in the pure gemstone vibrations of carnelian, rose quartz, amethyst, gold, emerald, ruby and more. Jeralyn Glass of Crystal Cadence will guide us to a state of deep relaxation, regeneration and peace. This workshop will end with... [more]


Mala Making

A mala is a special string of 108 beads traditionally used in meditation to count mantras. When you string our own mala, you have the opportunity to place beautiful intentions into the beads and stones so the mala can be worn as a reminder of the affirmations you want to carry with you. Join Brittany and learn more about the significance of the 108 beads in a mala, the specific uses of crystals and stones for intention... [more]


Rejuvinating Backbend Workshop

By opening the front of the body, backbends have amazing benefits, some of which include:

Opening the chest, shoulders and hip-flexors 

Increased mobility of the spine

Maintaining health of the vertebrae and spinal discs 

Increased energy

But we must practice backbends with intention and awareness so as not push past a healthy edge.  Tanya will lead you through a sequence that begins with Yin poses to lubricate the joints,... [more]


Intro to Yoga

As you deepen your yoga practice you may notice that yoga is much more than the physical postures (asana). In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. As we discuss how this philosophy meets the physical practice, your own practice will transition to include a more nuanced layer and you may also find that your practice... [more]


Journal to the Heart

Join Athena Engelman, E-RYT500 for a 3 hour journey back to the Heart. Through journaling, moving, and sharing we can tap into our energetic body, specifically the Heart Chakra, and nurture our spirit. Athena will guide you through a series of heart opening postures that massage and invigorate the internal organs, strengthen the abdominal muscles, arms, back and shoulders. Taking moments throughout the course to write in our journals when inspired by word,... [more]


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