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Congratulations to the 2018 Harmony Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

“The teachers at Harmony Yoga Redondo Beach are top notch. All have an incredible grasp of teaching the gift of Yoga through their insane knowledge of the body and how it works in the postures, breath work and meditation. I would highly recommend this studio if you would like to expand your knowledge of your yoga practice. All of the teachers who teach here are highly inspiring and are a true gift when it comes to yoga. I felt very embraced by this studio and by the yoga community that supports this particular study. They have a GREAT reputation and are inspiring teachers for those who know them. Thank you, Harmony! You have given me a new chapter to start guiding and teaching others in their practices and for that I am super grateful.”

 Marcy Tishk

“Harmony Yoga is a Community of Yogis who practice Yoga both on and off of the mat. Our Teachers are hawkish about our safety and have a genuine desire to see us thrive as a community and individually as well. I can honestly say that these are some of the highest caliber human beings I’ve ever met. The Teachers Training was an amazing experience and now I’m eager to pay forward the awesome experience that our Teachers and my fellow Teachers have been blessed with. Harmony Yoga offers an authentic foundation for everyone’s personal Yogic Journey. Whether someone is coming to practice, study or both, Harmony Yoga is truly a sanctuary.” 

 Bob McGaha

“The teacher training at Harmony Yoga was one of the best experiences in my life. It was beyond my expectations. All the knowledge I absorbed during this amazing time helped me to improve my practice and understand deeper the healing aspect of yoga. Here at Harmony I found my new home and a new family and I am deeply grateful for that. Every teacher at Harmony Yoga studio is a professional full of passion, dedication and beautiful energy human being and they want to share their knowledge and experience with others.  I couldn’t imagine better place to start my teaching journey. Thank You Harmony!”

Joanna Fricke

“Yoga found its way into my life because of a Doctor’s recommendation during my recovery from an injury. As I attended more yoga classes, I noticed that my body, mind and life were shifting to a place where true self healing was happening. That is when I had an intrinsic feeling that teaching the art of yoga to others would be in my future. My intention when I signed up for teacher training was to receive an education. What I actually attained was a complete body, mind and soul transformation. The teachers and staff exude an incredible amount of joy and love for sharing the benefits of yoga. The master teachers prepared me to be a knowledgeable, and compassionate teacher. I also learned how to practice and teach ancient yogic principles on and off the mat, which is very helpful in this fast paced life we all live in.  I look forward to a life filled with more asana (pose) practice and sharing what I have learned with anyone who wants to learn.  All of the teachers are wonderful. Stop by and check it out sometime. Great things happen at that studio.”

Arlene Rodriguez

“Participating in the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Harmony heightened my appreciation for yoga in ways I never imagined. My yoga practice is stronger and safer and the instructors are knowledgeable as well as insightful. It’s because of this program I feel confident that with continual practice I will be able to gift others with helping them achieve a blissful yoga journey.”

Kanisha McReynolds

Congratulations to the 2017 Harmony Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

“The Harmony Yoga teacher training experience was fantastic. I entered into it wanting to deepen my practice andhave a better understanding of the postures, alignment and gain the ability to teach yoga. What I got out of it was everything I was hoping and SO MUCH MORE!! I had a wonderful group of women in the training that all connected on some level, and some friendships that I believe will continue to develop. I gained a much deeper understanding of the postures and alignment, also of the history of yoga, of the bigger picture of yoga in our world today and how it can be used to help people mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel that I really understand my practice and how to correct alignment when it feels or looks off, in myself and others. I also gained a deeper connection to myself that was enhanced by all of the beauty in women that surrounded me as we forged ahead in the six months of training. Our teachers were fabulous. Each of their practices and personalities contributed differently to our knowledge and experience. The weekends spent together were bonding time, practice time and generally pretty awesome. We were able to review information, get our questions answered and gain a deeper understanding of the physical aspects of the asana. I appreciated that the training was over a six-month period as it gave us the ability to absorb and understand the large amount of information that we had to digest. I would highly recommend Harmony Yoga’s teacher training to anyone thinking about embarking on a 200-hour RYT certification. Thank you!”

Caren Greenhouse

“This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The teachers are beyond talented, and they have a wealth of knowledge.  Harmony is hands down the best studio in the South Bay and you learn from the most talented teachers. This training was more than just yoga teacher training. It was a deep exploration of one’s self and yoga. Completing this yoga teaching training was something I never thought I would be able to complete and I am so happy I did it. Enduring this teacher training taught me so much and changed me for the better. I learned to push myself, I was challenged, and  learned new depths of yoga. My practice has improved exponentially and now I have the history and proper alignment knowledge. It was a deep level of learning the postures and yoga history. I have the confidence to practice yoga on my own and to teach others.  It changed my life for the better and am excited for this life-long yoga journey.”

Kelly Cunningham

Congratulations to the 2016 Harmony Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

“Teacher training at Harmony Yoga is an investment in yourself, which will both challenge and reward you in ways you probably won’t expect when you first make the decision to partake. The teachers are sharp, encouraging, engaging, and compassionate. Harmony teaches real yoga, at a deep level, with soul and love. You will learn a ton, your practice will take immense strides forward, and your connection to yourself will grow stronger. Regardless of whether or not teaching is your goal, you will benefit from and greatly appreciate the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training experience. Highly recommended. “

Kevin Henderson 

“My experience with Harmony Yoga Teacher Training was life changing. Najla, Katie, and Susan are all so knowledgeable, patient, and loving, and they each bring their own unique gifts to the training. It was amazing to be able to connect with the teachers, the other students, and “the self,” while getting the opportunity to deepen my practice. I knew that I wanted to use the Teacher Training as a platform to start teaching yoga myself, and I felt prepared and confident knowing that I was trained by the best! If you are considering doing the Teacher Training, do it, jump right in- you will not be disappointed!”

Siera Smith

Congratulations to the 2015 Harmony Yoga Teacher Training graduates!

“The teacher training at Harmony Yoga is the best investment I’ve ever made for my life. I believe there are a lot of yoga teachers who just teach mechanically from yoga books but teachers at Harmony Yoga teach from their experience and how they apply the knowledge of the yoga principles in their lives. The Harmony Yoga teachers encourage authenticity and to teach from the heart, so there are no set scripts to follow. I would recommend the teacher training to everyone who wants to deepen their practice and/or teach yoga by using their own unique personality.”

Thi Grinwald

“Yoga teacher training at Harmony Yoga with Najla, Susan and Katie was a transformative experience.  I graduated feeling stronger both physically and emotionally.  With the loving support of our teachers and fellow trainees, I was led on a journey that deepened my knowledge of yoga and of myself.  The course was authentic,  thoughtful,  comprehensive, challenging and immensely rewarding.”

Julie Miller

“Harmony Yoga Teacher Training was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I was able to deeply grow as a yoga practitioner and teacher. Importantly, the course provided a wide educational platform that allowed me to clearly understand how yoga improves my life and thus how I can best provide that satisfaction to someone else.” 

Sophie Miller

“The teacher training at Harmony Yoga was a great learning experience that really helped deepen my yoga practice and inspired me to share the practice with others through the art of teaching. This well-rounded 200-hour training—led by experienced, thoughtful, and passionate teachers—is a great opportunity to gain insight into this ancient practice, experience profound personal growth, and develop the skills necessary to guide others through the practice of yoga. I highly recommend it.”

Ken Ithiphol

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