Choosing a Class

“Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled

and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

At Harmony Yoga, students often ask, “Which yoga class should I take?.” With seven distinct classes, Harmony offers numerous classes daily to suit every taste. To help you choose, new class descriptions can be found on the Harmony website and listed below.

If you are new to yoga, have physical limitations, or are just looking to stretch and relax, try Gentle Stretch or Yin Restorative. Both classes use props to help softly and safely lengthen the body. In Yin Restorative, expect to hold the stretches a bit longer. Leave these classes feeling tranquil and refreshed!

For a slightly less taxing traditional yoga class or as an introduction, check out Yoga Fundamentals or Vinyasa Flow Fundamentals. In both classes expect detailed instruction on the foundational yoga poses and stretches central to yoga. Be aware that these classes have one significant difference, the temperature. Vinyasa Flow Fundaments coordinates breath and movement and teaches transitions between poses, a key characteristic of Vinyasa yoga. This serves to heat the body and the practice room while preparing the students, in they choose, for Harmony Vinyasa classes.

Harmony Vinyasa is our signature class where you will seamlessly move through yoga poses and transitions while sweating out toxins. Paired with phenomenal music, classes are comprehensive, unique, and designed to challenge the body and calm the mind.  The consummate yogi will similarly enjoy the rigor of Harmony Power Vinyasa, but don’t forget your towel!

Finally, try our new class, Mat Pilates, with Julie Mason, a certified Pilates Instructor and beloved Harmony Yoga teacher. This class will awaken and strengthen your core and improve your posture.  From my own experience, Julie’s Pilates class will serve to fortify and refine your yoga practice.

Did you know that Julie Mason is also a graduate of the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training program and now one of the instructors? Are you interested in becoming a yoga instructor or simply deepening your yoga practice? The Harmony Yoga Teacher Training begins in April. For more information, inquire at the front desk.



In our signature class, flow through yoga postures and seamless transitions while experiencing meditation in motion.  An invigorating and transformative experience and open to all levels.


Emphasizing dynamic and challenging movement, this flow-style class builds heat, eliminates toxins, and encourages deep muscle and tension release.  Recommended for experienced yoga practitioners. 


Matching breath with movement, explore the fundamental principles and foundational yoga poses at the heart of Vinyasa Flow.  This slower-paced class is perfect if you prefer a more gentle practice or as an introduction to Vinyasa Flow.


Learn the primary poses which support physical health and mental well-being and the stretches that are central to yoga. This class will help align the body, promote balance, develop flexibility, and is appropriate for all students.  


Gently stretch and open the body with the assistance of bolsters, blocks, blankets and straps.  Leave class feeling refreshed and relaxed!


Experience long, slow, and deep stretches which lengthen various muscle groups and release deep layers of the connective tissues known as fascia.  This class uses props for support and is a perfect complement to our flagship Harmony Vinyasa classes.


Mat Pilates classes develop deep core strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, and breath awareness which promote spinal alignment and good posture. Props are used to enhance and intensify the experience. 


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