Harmony Yoga is offering an 8 session Kids Yoga + Art program taught by Najla, Catherine and Aimee. Children will learn the importance of mindfulness and personal expression through unique yoga and art classes. Children will begin class practicing fun and playful yoga poses. They will learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, and lots of yoga games, breathing, and meditation. After yoga, the group will move to the lobby where there will be an art project that allows kids to continue the practice of self-expression and mindfulness through artistic creation. They leave class with something they’ve hand crafted. Art projects planned include magic wands and potions, dream catchers, mala necklaces and a multi-media tree pose canvas. For kids ages 5-12. Snacks will be provided.

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This workshop combines yoga and mindfulness to explore a softer, more compassionate self. You will begin the afternoon by setting a personal intention and examining the foundations of self-compassion. Then, be ready to flow through three 20 minute sequences, themed around mindfulness and self-compassion, with space in between each flow to journal thoughts, feelings and anything else that arises. The workshop will culminate with a loving-kindness meditation. Bring a journal, yoga props and an open heart to this workshop!
This workshop is in studio only.
October 17, 1-3 pm
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Please join Simone & Kitty for an afternoon of extreme self–care. The Restorative Workshop is appropriate for all level students and is focused on stress relief. This meditative practice is the perfect antidote for a busy life of multi-tasking. Props are provided; they are used to provide comfort during poses. These poses are held for several minutes to give the body a deeper feeling of calm. Workshop participants will be guided through a series of poses intended to eliminate stress and trapped energy in the body. These poses promote inner peace and tranquility, improve memory, increase concentration and mental clarity, support immune system function, soothe the nervous system, improve circulation and function of organs and organ systems, regulate blood pressure, and reduce depression. The workshop includes pranayama breathing exercises and Yoga Nidra meditation to deeply relax.

November 7, 1-3pm

$40 per person

Limiting In Studio capacity to 20 sign up early to reserve your spot!

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