Harmony Yoga Class Descriptions

Whether you are looking to improve your health or maintain your current level of fitness, Harmony Yoga offers classes to suit everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.  Harmony Yoga’s approach to teaching yoga is unique: It is non-dogmatic, egalitarian, and student-based.  In all Harmony Yoga classes you can expect uniformly well rounded, creative, and quality classes instructed in a nurturing, non-competitive, and safe environment that welcomes absolutely everyone.  You will grow physically stronger and become more flexible than you imagined possible while simultaneously finding a sense of calm and inner peace that comes with routine Harmony Yoga practice.


In our signature class, flow through yoga postures and seamless transitions while experiencing meditation in motion.  An invigorating and transformative experience and open to all levels.


Learn the primary poses which support physical health and mental well-being and the stretches that are central to yoga. This class will help align the body, promote balance, develop flexibility, and is appropriate for all students.  


Matching breath with movement, explore the fundamental principles and foundational yoga poses at the heart of Vinyasa Flow.  This slower-paced class is perfect if you prefer a more gentle practice or as an introduction to Vinyasa Flow.

Yin Restorative

Experience long, slow, and deep stretches which lengthen various muscle groups and release deep layers of the connective tissues known as fascia.  This class uses props for support and is a perfect complement to our flagship Harmony Vinyasa classes.

Kids Yoga and Art

Children will learn the importance of mindfulness and personal expression through unique yoga and art classes. Children will begin class practicing fun and playful yoga poses.  They will learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, and lots of yoga games, breathing, and meditation. After yoga, the group will move to the lobby where there will be an art project that allows kids to continue the practice of self-expression and mindfulness through artistic creation. They leave class with something they’ve hand crafted. Art projects planned include magic wands and potions, dream catchers, mala necklaces and a multi-media tree pose canvas.


A sound bath is a deeply immersive, meditative experience where you are “bathe” in healing sounds. The vibrations and frequency of the Crystal Bowls and other healing instruments entrain the brain to go from an active state to a more relaxed state. This allows you to feel deeply rested and brings healing at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. It’s a wonderful way to calm your mind, relax your body and give yourself a little bit of self-love.

Join us with an open heart and mind!

Suggested items to bring: 

– yoga mat

– blankets to stay warm

– eye pillow

– anything else to be comfortable, e.g. pillow or bolster

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