Back to Basics

Saturday, September 14th 1:00-3:30pm

Deepen your practice and get back to basics with Kristen Parker.

In this workshop we will learn the fundamentals of yoga in a fun and welcoming, small group environment. This condensed workshop is perfect for those brand new to yoga or with some experience who would like a review of the basics. In this class, we will focus on alignment principles of the most commonly encountered poses. We will explore breathwork and connecting breath to movement. We will discuss the history and philosophy of yoga as well to create a well-rounded introduction to this ancient and time tested practice for ultimate well being. This class will be fun and light-hearted but will leave you inspired and ready for more!

*Benefits of Yoga

*History & Philosophy of Yoga

*Basic Asana (poses) and Alignment principles

*Simple Breath and Meditation Techniques


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