Chakra Balancing Workshop

Join Katie for a Chakra Balancing Workshop to help you bring more harmony, grounding, love and balance into your life. This 3-hour workshop will include education on the energetic chakra system, specific yoga postures, mudras, mantras, chanting, visualization and essential oils to open, awaken and balance each of your chakras. Jeralyn Glass, founder of Crystal Cadence, will accompany us with Crystal Alchemy Gemstone Singing Bowls tuned to each of the chakras – the vibrations will ignite and activate your body’s wisdom and wholeness.

This soulful journey through the 7 main chakras will bring you into a more harmonious state of mind, body and spirit.

Chakras are energetic “wheels” in the subtle body. Too many of us feel weak, tired, emotional and simply “off” in our lives and unsure why. When we balance our 7 main energetic points in the body, we start to feel stronger, healthier and more in tune with our lives.

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