Crystal Bowl Summer Sound Soak

Saturday, July 13th 


Join Internationally known musician, meditation leader, and Crystal Alchemy Master, Professor Jeralyn Glass and special guest harpist, Gracie Sprout, for a special meditation of celestial sounds and heavenly harmonics.

During this Sound Soak, you will be bathed in the exquisite vibrations of Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls and Harp. Join this musical combination of Healing Harmonics and Meditation to experience deep relaxation and regeneration at the cellular level. Enjoy being infused in the frequencies of Peace, Joy and Love as you are bathed in the soothing sounds.

When pure quartz is combined with gemstones and minerals, it activates, accelerates, grounds and transforms. The healing sounds support release and transmutation of stuck energies by landing in our very molecular structure, into our endocrine and nervous systems and the fluids of the body.

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