Crystal Cadence Sound Bath

Celebrate the Full Moon in Aries and immerse yourself in the healing power of sound with internationally known Musician, Sound Healing Practitioner, Meditation Leader and Crystal Alchemy Master Jeralyn Glass.

Take time for yourself, slow down, relax and renew, let yourself be bathed in the exquisite crystal alchemy sounds. Through the powerful crystalline frequencies, our consciousness lands beyond the veil, touching the mystery, connecting us to the essence of our true self and the universe. The ancient modality of sound healing has been used for thousands of years and has become a popular tool in our modern culture to reach even beyond where words, touch and medicines can go. Sound is used to treat stress, deep healing of grief and traumas, emotional wounding, sleeplessness, anxiety, loss, addiction, burnout and depression. Crystal Alchemy Sound can promote deep relaxation, rejuvenation, a profound sense of well being, emotional balance, chronic pain reduction, help you access expanded states of consciousness, activate your high brain centers, increase your mental clarity and strengthen your intuition, open the heart, and help release toxins from your cells. The quartz infused tones build the energetic circuits to house unconditional love: potent, anchored and integrated. $30 early registration $35 day of

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