Intro to Breathwork & Kundalini Workshop

Saturday, August 3rd

1:00 – 3:30pm

Join special guest instructor, Anika Avery for an Introduction to Breathwork and Kundalini Yoga to learn more about connecting with yourself. This workshop will introduce tools for you to help ground and come back into balance any time you need it. Breathwork can bring freedom into your life where you feel stuck. It’s been known to help people overcome trapped emotions from unhealed traumas and remove them from the body. People have reported that they have released deep seated wounds, anger, bitterness, depression, stress and more from successful breathwork sessions. After breathwork, we will gently ease our way into Kundalini Yoga where we will begin to still the mind through meditation and postures that will help elevate our consciousness. This is a workshop which can bring your life clarity, awareness, a new sense of being, and so much more. Come and spend time connecting with your soul in a new way. May you feel balanced, refreshed, and complete! 

*Please bring a yoga mat and best to not eat at least one hour before 

$25 advanced / $30 day of

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