Rejuvinating Backbend Workshop

By opening the front of the body, backbends have amazing benefits, some of which include:

Opening the chest, shoulders and hip-flexors

Increased mobility of the spine

Maintaining health of the vertebrae and spinal discs 

Increased energy

But we must practice backbends with intention and awareness so as not push past a healthy edge.  Tanya will lead you through a sequence that begins with Yin poses to lubricate the joints, builds into a flow sequence to thoroughly warm the entire body, and culminates with backbends such as bow and camel pose to open the spine.  We’ll end with restorative poses to allow the body time to incorporate the benefits of your effort.  You’ll not only walk away with a more informed backbending practice but you’ll leave feeling refreshed, energized and rejuvenated!

Sunday, April 15th 12-2:30pm

$30 advance / $35 day of. Register here. 


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