Sound Bath with Amy & Brittany

A Sound Bath is a unique experience using various instruments like crystal bowls, gongs and chimes to invite deep levels of relaxation, stress reduction and clarity. Sound has an impact on many levels of awareness – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, bringing balance and calm to the participant. During a sound bath, you are invited to relax in a comfortable position and simply take in the meditative sound and vibration being created around you. Sound Baths are a powerful way to balance the body and mind to continue on the path to a happy and extended life.

Amy is a Master Yogi, Health and Wellness advisor with 15 years experience in the Science of Yoga and Energy Healing to empower personal awareness. Amy consistently teaches and shares yoga with deep compassion, humor and warmth and does the same while you lay comfortably on your back, bathed in therapeutic sound waves- a refreshing and resilient experience.

Brittany takes a holistic approach to teaching, focusing on creative and calming practices while integrating breathing exercises, intention setting and inspiring themes. She guides her students through meditations with the intention of cultivating peace, happiness and balance. We all have a beautiful light within us – Brittany strives to share her light with the world and encourages others to do the same.

Join Amy & Brittany on Saturday, November 12th at 6:30-7:45pm for this 75 minute workshop. $25 when purchased in advance, or $30 at the door. Click here to reserve your spot in advance!

Here is what we recommend you bring:

– yoga mat to lay on

– optional: eye pillow, light blanket or sweater, and any spiritual belongings like crystals or Mala’s you would like to absorb the energy of the sound bath with.


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