Summer Solstice Yoga Mala

You may wonder, “What is a Yoga Mala?” and, “could I really do 108 sun salutations?”  A Yoga Mala is an ancient yogic tradition of doing 108 sun salutations.  It is usually done in connection with a change in season, in this instance from spring to summer.  A Yoga Mala is an auspicious day to take stock in your life and set new goals in conjunction with the changing season.

Harness the power of intentional movement by joining Katie and Susan in a Yoga Mala.  In honor of the Summer Solstice, this transformational practice will consist of 108 Sun Salutations, intention setting, and a cleansing Savasana. This is a great opportunity to kick off the summer with a physical challenge and emotional awakening!

Please don’t let the 108 sun salutations scare you. Come to this event with an open mind and only do as much as you are comfortable with. Modifications will be offered and periodic rests.  It will be a beautiful event, and we hope you will attend!

Join Susan & Katie for this 2-hour workshop dividing the 108 salutations into 4 segments; each aknowledging an element – earth, wind, water, fire. Space is limited and there is a $30 fee for each participant so register TODAY to reserve your spot.


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