Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program

Deepen Your Practice. Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn

The next Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program will commence in September. This is a great opportunity to deepen your yoga practice through comprehensive study of asana (yoga postures), philosophy, anatomy, therapeutics, prenatal yoga, and meditation among other things.  You will delve into the rich yogic history and heighten your appreciation for the modern application of this ancient art.  You’ll grow physically stronger and gain an improved sense of self while making new friends.  The Harmony Yoga Teacher Training is a deep and meaningful journey and one you won’t regret taking, whether you are just interested in learning more about yoga or want to share your newly acquired knowledge by teaching.

Often students are intrigued by the prospect of extensive yoga study, but fear they are not “good enough” to participle in a yoga teacher training program.  Be aware that being “good enough” is not a prerequisite.  All levels of practice and flexibility are welcome.  For those who are interested in teaching yoga, keep in mind that there are many styles of yoga targeting many different audiences.  Not every yoga instructor teaches the most advanced classes and workshops.  There are all types of yoga classes:

  • beginners yoga
  • therapeutic yoga
  • children’s yoga
  • yoga for seniors
  • chair yoga
  • water yoga
  • yoga for athletes
  • yoga for cyclists
  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • prenatal yoga
  • baby and me yoga

If you are interested in teaching yoga, you just need to find your niche. 

We all lead very busy lives, and timing is an important consideration.  If you look at the training dates on the Harmony Yoga website, you will see that, for the most part, the program meets the first three weekends a month for four months for a total of 12 weekends or 180 classroom hours.  We do this to make the training accessible to both people with full time jobs and people with children, and also to give you one weekend a month to digest the material and focus on your personal life.

All yoga teacher training programs are expensive, and I don’t believe you’ll find any deals out there.  At Harmony Yoga, you are paying for a Yoga Alliance Accredited School. When you graduate, you will be Yoga Alliance Certified.  You are investing in a quality program where you will gain considerable knowledge off all aspects of yoga.  Najla Barile, the owner of Harmony Yoga, has very high standards for her teachers and for her teacher training program.  You won’t be disappointed.

Did you know that Harmony Yoga instructors Katie Nesbitt, Julie Mason, and I, Susan Laskoff, all got our yoga teaching certifications at Harmony Yoga?  Tracy Cogan, who works the front desk, is also a graduate.  Recent graduates include Harmony Yoga instructors Oona Barry and Ken Ithiphole.  We are all proud to have studied at Harmony Yoga, one of the oldest independent yoga studios in the South Bay! It is a special place where you can practice and learn yoga safely, focus on your health and physical growth, learn meditation and to look inside yourself, all in a safe and non-dogmatic environment. 

Do you love yoga?  Are you interested in meaningfully investigating all aspects of yoga?  Are you questioning your life path or your goals?  Would you like to break old habits, while growing physically, mentally, and spiritually?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the upcoming Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program may be right for you.  Please contact Najla, Katie or myself if you have any questions. 

– Susan Laskoff      


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