Kundalini Yoga with Nicole

Join Nicole on Monday at 7am for her Kundalini Flow class as she continues her focus on the Chakra System (dynamic energy centers corresponding to areas of the endocrine system/nerve plexes in the body of which there are 7, the aura being the 8th chakra).

Monday, we begin week 3 of this 8 week series  The yogic focus will be on on the Third Chakra, connected to the naval plexus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas and adrenals.  This chakra also relates to self-esteem and personal power.  The Third Chakra is where the strength for inner balance, inspiration and good health is developed. 
Join us for a warm-up flow sequence, traditional Kundalini Yoga set and a calming meditation to start your week off right!
Free homemade chai tea for all students! 


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