Najla Barile

And the day came when  the risk to remain tight
in a bud was more painful  than the risk it took to blossom.

Anais Nin

If you practice at Harmony Yoga, you know or have had the pleasure to meet Najla Barile, the studio owner, experienced yoga teacher, and founder of the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program.  Najla is always welcoming, friendly, and approachable.  If you have taken a class instructed by Najla, you are aware that her teaching is unparalleled.  Her voice is hypnotic, and her instruction impeccable.  Najla has the uncanny ability to challenge a student’s boundaries physically and mentally while simultaneously making one feel like she is speaking directly to you even when the class is full.

It is no surprise that Najla is up to the challenge of being a small business owner.  It is in her blood.  Her family owned the very first dry cleaning business in Redondo Beach.  Najla grew up witnessing first hand the trials and of joys being a small business owner in this community.  Her roots and her small business heritage are here in Redondo Beach.  Taking the place at the helm of Harmony Yoga came naturally to her.

Najla discovered yoga in 2000.  Her very first class was at Harmony Yoga.  She fell in love with yoga immediately, but was surprised by her visceral reaction.  “When I first started practicing yoga, I cried all the time.”  Najla did not understand her reaction, but wanted to see it through.  Yoga made her curious about her mind, body, and spirit.  She began to question who she was as well as her life path.  With the self awareness she gained through the routine practice of yoga, she realized that she was on a road paved by the expectations of others, and not by her true desires.  Yoga put Najla in touch with her true self, and gave her the courage to make big changes, and literally alter the course of her life.  “It was a painful and gut wrenching time in my life, but I was so much happier when I came out the other end.”

Najla’s vision for her students is first and foremost about finding and maintaining the three “H’s” – Health, Happiness and Harmony.  In these busy times, carving out time to take care of yourself can be viewed as selfish.  However, self love and self care should not be viewed as selfish, but as one of many priorities.   In order to best take care of your family, friends, work, and commitments, you need to tend to yourself.  As a business owner, wife, and mother, Najla can personally attest to the importance of Health, Happiness, and Harmony when seeking a fulfilling and balanced life.  Truth is, in the end, aren’t we all looking for just that?


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