Teacher Spotlight-Anne Spinner

How does yoga affect your day to day life?

 I find that I get so much benefit from being in the room with students and teaching them how to breathe which keeps me taking my own deep breaths consistently through the day.  This keeps me calm and clear minded through some of the most hectic times.  I react less to things that may once have ruined my day like a car cutting me off. I notice I don’t have to be doing all the asanas to be getting the mental benefits. My students share their energy with me and that keeps me uplifted. 

What is your inspiration for teaching yoga?

I find daily inspiration in helping people live an active, healthy lifestyle.  And also by teaching people how to live in the moment.  As Westerners we have stiff tired bodies from the jobs we have, foods we eat and things we are exposed to environmentally.  We don’t have to feel like this.  A little bit of movement clears the cobwebs mind, body and spirit. 

How do you incorporate your practice off of the mat?

I am constantly taking deep breaths, enjoying time alone with my dogs walking, in what I consider to be a moving meditation.  Being in the mind, and then stopping to smell the flowers and enjoy the ocean or mountains as often as I can.  Living for today is really what its about.


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