Yoga became an integral part of my daily routine when I was living in Chiapas, Mexico doing field research on indigenous cultural production for my doctoral studies. I found a studio with a wonderful international community where I was introduced to the infinite possibilities of yoga. As a dancer, I have always worked on being flexible, but here I was taught the importance of engaging all my muscles to protect and practice a sustainable yoga. The instructors guided my alignment and deepened my understanding of the connection between the body-mind. 

After completing my course work at UC Riverside and getting married, I moved to Redondo Beach and found Harmony Yoga. The way each instructor combined music with carefully choreographed sequences made me feel as if I were dancing on my mat. Since attending Harmony I wanted to sign up for Najla Barile’s 200-hour teacher training, and the time finally came eighteen months following the birth of my incredible daughter, Luna. Throughout the training, I fell even deeper in love with yoga. Yoga always welcomes me. It always takes me for who I am in the moment. It intrigues me the way it captures the complexity of life. In holding every pose, attempting steadiness and ease, we are confronted with thoughts that can either lift us up or bring us down. We are met with the limitations and boundlessness of our bodies and our mind. Being a mother and a yogini have taught me to treat myself gently and to be at peace with my abilities in the moment. The challenge of yoga, the joy of yoga, the possibility of yoga is what keeps me coming back.

When I am not teaching or practicing yoga, I am an educator at a local high school. I love to play and laugh with my daughter, dance bachata, be by and in the ocean, go camping and hiking in the woods, visit Kentucky and swim in the Kentucky River. I love traveling to Hawaii, Chile and Mexico and spending time with my two brothers and parents. I dream about a world with no plastic, getting rid of my computer/cell phone, and living in the woods by a river with a garden.

I am excited to get to know even more of the Harmony community and share my love of moving with you all! Join me Wednesday mornings at 6:15 and Friday afternoons at 5!


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