Teacher Spotlight: Julie Mason

Hi I’m Julie and I’m honored to be the teacher of the month for February. 

Yoga changed my life. I spent most of my early years feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Extremely sensitive, anxious and shy. I used exercise to help with those feelings.

When I found yoga in my early thirties those feelings lessened and I felt more at home in my body. While practicing, nothing else matters. I’m on my mat, breathing and connecting to myself. Feeling everything. I did my teacher training with Najla 7 years ago. Music is another one of my passions and I use it in my classes to inspire movement. I am also a full time Pilates teacher. Pilates helped with my injuries from running and gymnastics and gave me core strength and good posture which helps my yoga practice. I’m very passionate about both and absolutely love teaching and helping others. I grew up in Redondo Beach and have two beautiful daughters. Tori 28. Izzy 24. My life is pretty simple these days. Teaching, taking class, healthy meals, meditation, walks and connecting with my favorite humans.
Love, Julie

Join Julie at her weekly Heated Harmony Vinyasa Classes on Tuesday & Thursdays (6:30-7:45pm), alternating Harmony Vinyasa Class on Sundays (8:30-9:45am), and her Mat Pilates class on Thursdays (11:00-11:50am). You will love flowing and moving with this incredible woman! 


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