Teacher Spotlight-Julie Mason

How does yoga affect your day to day life?

Yoga affects my day to day life in that it makes me a more conscious person. It makes me a better version of myself. I am more forgiving and patient with the people I come in contact with. So much of my happiness comes from my practice. 

What is your inspiration for teaching yoga?

My inspiration for teaching yoga is I love making people feel good. I know how yoga changes the way that I feel so I want to share that with others. When students come up to me and tell me that I change their lives, it is the highest honor to me. I love sharing yoga and music with my yogis. Watching them flow is such an inspiration to me.   

How do you incorporate your practice off of the mat?   

The way I incorporate yoga into my life. Yoga is not just asana to me, it is spiritual and emotional. Through movement we access our feelings and tend to see things in a more positive way. I love that yoga inspires me to be more vulnerable, open and honest. As I get older, I use my practice to really feel what emotions come up for me. Whether they are positive or negative I process them with non judgement and self love.         


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