Teacher Spotlight: Simone Market

I came to yoga searching for some balance in my life….

I had been in the corporate world 30 years and had pretty much become a workaholic. I had “dabbled” in yoga on and off throughout my 20s & 30s, using videos and books to try to learn.  At the time, I never really knew if I was “doing it right”.   Then, when I took my first guided yoga practice in a studio, I felt something I had not felt before.  I had come HOME to myself.  I experienced a sense of equanimity!  That class changed my experience of yoga and all it could offer! I knew I wanted more.

I slowly developed a consistent practice and went on to learn about the other aspects of yoga (the eight-limbed path) that were and still are just as rewarding and fulfilling for me: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Mantra, the Yamas (wise characteristics or restraints), and the Niyamas (codes for living soulfully or observances).  I learned different styles and methods of practicing yoga asana (postures).  I learned that my physical yoga practice could change from day to day and over the years to match the needs and abilities of my body as it changed.   

Through these teachings and through my practice of these steps I was finding fulfilling ways to quiet my mind and release years of stress, tension and stuckness that I was holding in my body and my emotions.  I found ways to move in my body with patience, respect, curiosity, and wonder.  I learned to meet my body where it is every time I come on to my mat, and not compete with myself or someone else in my practice.  I have learned to stay present with whatever I am experiencing in my practice — the physical, mental and emotional sensations.  I have learned that yoga is not just a physical practice for my body; it is a way of living life!  I use the tools and the teachings in all areas of my life.  I allow my practice and my internal inquiry to be my most valuable teachers.  I once heard someone say:  “how you do yoga on your mat is how you live life”.  I use that to guide me.

As I began to witness a new calm and balanced me, I felt a deep calling to share the gift of yoga with others.  I went on to take various yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy trainings, workshops and retreats.  I have learned that I am only as good of a teacher as I am a student.

Today teaching yoga is my vocation.  I delight in teaching students who are new to yoga; providing a safe space and experience for them to explore and grow in their own personal practice.  I love assisting students in building and deepening their practice.  I guide and co-host yoga retreats, teach yoga workshops and teach others to be yoga teachers.  I teach classes publicly and privately.  Now with each class I teach, I learn from my students.  They are my best teacher of all!

After 20 years of teaching and attending classes at Harmony Yoga studio, I am still so grateful for this space every time I walk through the door.


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