Thank You for Being with Harmony

Recently my father had a fall in which he wasn’t able to get back up on his feet. We tried our best to help him up but worried we would hurt him more in the process. He is also  a big guy who needs some muscle! We asked for help and dialed 911 and within 5 minutes there were 7 responders there to help my father. It was a sad but also compelling moment. My dad 88, is not as strong or agile as he used to be. Although his mind is clear and present his body is not as it once was. An immense feeling of gratitude swept through me that Sunday afternoon as 3 strong firefighters got him off the floor and on the couch in less than 4 seconds. The care, patience and professionalism that was shown my father and mother that day is what makes first responders so unique and necessary. I am so grateful for the women and men who risk their own health and well-being to help those in need.  Meet our bad ass yogi, mom and local firefighter! 

Fire Captain Jeane Barrett with the Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 106 in Palos Verdes. Jeane was born in Indiana and moved to So Cal when she was 3. Jeane fell in love with the ocean and became a lifeguard at 17 . She started working in Catalina Island eventually guarding in El Porto. Jeane did not grow up thinking she wanted to be a firefighter. Her boyfriend at the time did. She helped him to study for the test and she decided to take it too. She passed! She made the decision to shift careers from being a lifeguard to taking the challenge of testing for the fire academy. Now, 22 years into her career, she still loves what she does. Jeane appreciates her co workers and the fitness and health aspects of being a firefighter. Most of all she says we are all here for the same reason to help others.

Jeane started practicing yoga over 20 years ago. Encouraged by a friend to try a class she was hooked. “My friends like me better when I am practicing yoga.”  Yoga has given her a boost in self confidence not only as a woman but as a fire woman. “When I am practicing Yoga I’m so in tune with my body.” She loves Harmony as she says it embraces all people. There is no judgment at Harmony and the teachers are welcoming and inviting. The students are kind and friendly.  Jeane has formed many true friendships with students from Harmony.   Jeane is a mom to Zane. She is amazing in so many ways. We salute and thank you for all that you do for our community. 


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