Candle Gazing Meditation

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.  - Buddha

The Harmony Yoga Teacher Training started last month. For a yoga teacher, it is a gift to witness students discover the magic of yoga and all it encompasses. 

We concluded the first day of the Harmony Yoga Teacher Training with a Candle Gazing Meditation. It was a beautiful and bonding experience.... [more]


Choosing a Class

“Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled

and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.”

- B.K.S. Iyengar

At Harmony Yoga, students often ask, “Which yoga class should I take?.” With seven distinct classes, Harmony offers numerous classes daily to suit every taste. To help you choose, new class descriptions can be found on the Harmony website and listed below.

If you are new to yoga, have physical limitations, or are just... [more]


Listen To Your Body

Have you ever been in yoga class and a pose you normally do easily feels very uncomfortable?  You might decide to come out of the pose, modify it, or push through as you have done the pose many times before without incident.  From my own experience, the chance of being in significantly more pain and potentially injured increases exponentially every time you ignore what your body is telling you.  It is important to listen when... [more]



Last month I attended the Women’s March in Los Angeles.  It was an amazing and historic multi-city event, the largest public protest in US History.  I felt a deep sense of community with upward of a half a million strangers.  There was an overriding feeling of LOVE among this immense group of women, men, and children from varying ethnic, racial, and economic backgrounds. 

However, the Women’s March LA was not all candy and roses.  It was... [more]


Personal Mission Statement

New Year resolutions irk me.  Probably because they are routinely set ups for disappointment and result in self-loathing.  Often, we identify specific things that we don’t like about ourselves and resolve to change them without ever questioning the root of those displeasing habits or traits.  Without identifying the root of the problem, change is difficult.  In the New Year, I try to direct my thinking, and that of my students, away from resolutions and towards... [more]


Chair Pose

Chair pose is a defiance of spirit, showing how high you can reach even when you’re forced down.

-The Quote Garden

Chair pose is one of the most popular yet challenging yoga poses.  In Sanskrit it is Utkatasana pronounced OOT-kah-TAHS-anna.  Like many Sanskrit words, it has multiple translations including Chair Pose, Fierce Pose, Lightning Bolt Pose, and Awkward Pose.  If you practice Utkatasana, you will agree that all of these make perfect sense!



Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha

If you take classes at Harmony Yoga, you will undoubtable hear an instructor mention Mula Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha.  Bandha is a Sanskrit word meaning to hold, lock, or tighten.  Mula Bandha is referred to as the Root Lock because Mula means root in Sanskrit.  Uddiyana Bandha is referred to as the Upward-Flying Lock because Uddiyana means upward-flying in Sanskrit.  These two locks have benefits that reach beyond yoga.

Mula Bandha is the contraction or lifting... [more]


The Yoga of Relationships

To love others you must first love yourself

Leo Buscaglia


For some of us, Yoga is more than a physical practice.  It is a melding of mind, body, breath, and spirit.  It is a journey of self-discovery, a quest for inner truth, and an exploration of physical and mental boundaries.  All of this requires a true understanding and acceptance of yourself in time and space. 

It is, however, difficult to truly understand and accept yourself both in yoga... [more]


Live Your Yoga

If you take yoga classes, you probably heard someone say, “Live Your Yoga.”  You might have thought, “What does that mean?”  Like all yoga philosophy, the phrase, “Live Your Yoga,” means different things to different people.  For some it means living life in alignment with the Yoga Sutras, sort of like the 10 Commandments of yoga.  For others, it means taking the lessons you learn in yoga class out into the world. 

One of... [more]


An Unexpected Lesson


Recently my 92 year old father passed away. You might be thinking, that is sad… but what does that have to do with yoga? To my surprise, mourning has been an acute yogic experience.


In the days surrounding my father’s death, I feel a heightened sense of personal presence. It’s like the volume on all my senses are turned up. It is hard to think about the future as I am fiercely in the present. I... [more]


Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program

Deepen Your Practice. Learn to Teach. Teach to Learn

The next Harmony Yoga Teacher Training Program will commence in September. This is a great opportunity to deepen your yoga practice through comprehensive study of asana (yoga postures), philosophy, anatomy, therapeutics, prenatal yoga, and meditation among other things.  You will delve into the rich yogic history and heighten your appreciation for the modern application of this ancient art.  You’ll grow physically stronger and gain an improved... [more]


My Body

Recently I ran into one of my yoga students at the supermarket.  I had not seen her in a while.  She explained that she is going through menopause, has put on a lot of weight, feels weak and out of shape, and is just not comfortable coming to the yoga studio right now.  Just last week, I heard a similar story from a student I saw in the library.  That woman explained that she is... [more]


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