Yoga became an integral part of my daily routine when I was living in Chiapas, Mexico doing field research on indigenous cultural production for my doctoral studies. I found a studio with a wonderful international community where I was introduced to the infinite possibilities of yoga. As a dancer, I have always worked on being flexible, but here I was taught the importance of engaging all my muscles to protect and practice a sustainable... [more]


Teacher Spotlight: Simone Market

     I came to yoga searching for some balance in my life….

I had been in the corporate world 30 years and had pretty much become a workaholic. I had “dabbled” in yoga on and off throughout my 20s & 30s, using videos and books to try to learn.  At the time, I never really knew if I was “doing it right”.   Then, when I took my first guided yoga practice in a studio, I... [more]



Yoga has been a staple in Athena Engelman's life for over 30 years. From a young age she was exposed to various styles of yoga and meditation. Her interest, love, and practice of yoga and pilates has evolved and expanded over her years of practicing and teaching. 

Learn more about Athena's background, how... [more]


The first time I saw people doing sun salutations, I thought they were praying with their bodies. That image is tattooed on my mind. I was going through a difficult period and the introduction of yoga helped me to find peace and clarity. Over the past 25 years, yoga has ushered me through many other transitions.

When I was a younger attorney, I relied on yoga to help with work anxiety and stress. Since then yoga... [more]



I took my first yoga class 17 years ago.  I had moved back to the south bay after college and my mom invited me to take a class at the studio she had just discovered.  All it took was the one class and I was hooked.  I’ve been practicing regularly ever since.

A few months after that first class, I found my way to Harmony and that became and has remained my home studio.  I moved... [more]




When people ask how long I have practiced yoga, I am always astonished at my response because yoga has literally been through every significant chapter in my life. My practice is like a time capsule when answering this question, because it is the only constant during the last twenty years, other than learning and attempting to become an adult. This is why I finally chose to teach yoga almost five years ago, and Harmony Yoga... [more]


Teacher Spotlight: Anne McHargue (Spinner)

Yoga has been the balance in my life since I graduated college at The University of Colorado (a long time ago). At first it was something new and fun. I grew up as a gymnast and a diver so it came natural to me. Something to experiment with and to show my strength. And at other times it has been my way back to myself after heartbreak and pain. And most... [more]


Teacher Spotlight: Kevin Henderson

For starters, a few years ago I never could have imagined I’d be featured in a teacher spotlight by a yoga studio! But I think that’s a good place to begin, because it’s a testament to how positively impactful yoga has been in my life. I didn’t really know anything about yoga until my first year or two in college. I hurt my sciatic nerve playing basketball, was in pain for several months, and thought... [more]


Teacher Training - Is it right for me?

Are you passionate about yoga? Do you want to understand the process of yoga, outstanding benefits, history, and philosophy?

One of the most impactful ways of accomplishing all of these goals as well as aligning your mind, body, and spirit is through the intensive and connective experience of teacher training. 

Why should you consider taking teacher training?

Teacher training arms you with the tools to incorporate self-care and feel powerful and healthy in your body. Through the training,... [more]


Teacher Spotlight: Julie Mason

Hi I’m Julie and I’m honored to be the teacher of the month for February. 

Yoga changed my life. I spent most of my early years feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Extremely sensitive, anxious and shy. I used exercise to help with those feelings.

When I found yoga in my early thirties those feelings lessened and I felt more at home in my body. While practicing, nothing else matters. I’m on my mat, breathing and connecting to... [more]


Yoga & Gratitude in the New Year

Gratitude and yoga go hand in hand. The constant tug from our to-do lists and society’s standards can pull you back at times and cause you to forget the blessings you have. Yoga helps us return to ourselves and reconnect with our soul's true knowing. Through postures, mantras, physical activity, and community, the practice of yoga helps increase one's well-being and inner/outer awareness. In turn, by elevating this awareness, we symbiotically elevate gratitude and appreciation... [more]



At Harmony Yoga, we are proud of our incredibly talented instructors, the love they bring to their classes, their dedication to the path of yoga, and how they positively affect so many in our beach community and beyond. Each month we will be highlighting one of our teachers, so that you can learn even more about them and their life. We are kicking off our Teacher Spotlight section with Jamie Horgan, a dedicated and compassionate... [more]


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